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Fis210 - Tools that a front office manager can possess to develop a higher average daily rate can range from many of things. Training and knowledge of all front desk team members is the key to being able to sell the hotel. When guests call or walk in for a reservation, the front desk team members must be able to up sell the hotel by adding the amenities that are included. As an example they could advise the guest that a hot breakfast is included or they could offer a package that offers dinner or entertainment.   The front office manager must also have knowledge of the goals that are set for the hotel to achieve. He or she should know what the budgeted goal is for the ADR and for the occupancy. A plan should be coordinated by the General Manager and other members of management with upcoming events and other things that would drive revenue. Weekly or bi-weekly revenue meetings are very helpful.
Fis 210 - For the hotel that I am currently employed at, the preference would be for a higher occupancy. The hotel was in poor shape a couple of years ago and last year, it almost lost the flag due to failing a quality inspection. The management company has just recently spent about $800,000.00 in modifications and renovations to improve the quality of the hotel. With that task being completed we are currently in recovery mode. We are trying to recover the lost guests that no longer stay there due to the poor quality.
htt250 - Sales are our biggest strategy right now. We are sending letters to past guests with the information of all the changes, inviting local businesses to come for breakfast, replacing worn billboards with the new hotel logo and going out on sales calls. htt 250




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